Emergency Medicine at the elbow

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  • 24 hours access to the full version without limits
  • Options for Android or iOS mobile phones
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What is EMate?

EMate is a medical resource mobile phone App developed by Australian Emergency Physicians for use by Clinicians working in Emergency Departments worldwide at all levels and specialties including SMOs, RMOs, Registrars, Nurses and students. You can buy your subscription here.

EMate is a must have resource for emergency clinicians as it covers the core Emergency curriculum and provides quick notes and handy links to common and important difficult to remember facts for the shop floor and exam preparation.

Is EMate suitable for anyone?

No. EMate is not suitable for patient or layperson use as it has not been written with this audience in mind. It is a quick reference guide with targeted information and reminders and links and therefore it should be used in conjunction with other more wordy resources for more junior emergency clinicians starting off in emergency medicine.

What subscription types are available?

There are several types of subscriptions:

  1. Lifetime (1 or 2 devices of your choice)
  2. Annual (1 or 2 devices of your choice)
  3. 24hr Trial (iOS or Android)

What content is covered?

EMate subscribers get access to a broad range of topics such as Resuscitation, Paediatric Medicine, Anaesthetics, Medicine, Surgical, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Psychiatry, Toxicology and lots more. EMate is aligned with the ACEM Fellowship Exam curriculum.

Can I use my Subscription Code more than once?

No. Subscription codes can only be used once. If for example you uninstall the EMate App or get a new phone, you will have to get in touch with us by completing our Contact Us form. We will discuss your situation and issue you with a new code. Note that the old code will be deactivated so it cannot be used again.


Is EMate iOS and Android compatible?

Yes. EMate is 100% compatible with the most recent versions of iOS and Android on mobile phones. Some previous (relatively recent) versions may also be supported.

Do I need to be online to use EMate?

Yes. You must have an Internet connection to use EMate. If you use EMate while being offline, you risk invalidating your subscription code. Questions? Please complete our Contact Us form.

Is there a FREE version?

No, but… For AU$4,50 (ex. GST) you can purchase the EMate 24hr Trial which gives you access to the full version for 24hrs. All the proceeds from the Trial version go to eduAcute PipeDreams which invests into helping the fellow world citizens in 3rd and 2nd world countries. 


Who sells EMate?

EMate is fully owned, developed and maintained by eduAcute Pty Ltd, a well established Australian Medical Simulation and eLearning company. Subscriptions are sold by eduAcute via its secure ecommerce platform.

Does EMate have any ads?

No. EMate is 100% ad-free so you won’t be annoyed by any advertising or other pop-ups.

Is any of my data collected?

Yes. EMate collects your MAC address to ensure that licenses are only used on one device. Collection a MAC address is safe  from a privacy and security perspective and prevents fraud.

I don't like EMate, can I get my money back?

Yes. You can request a refund within 7 days of purchase and you receive 100% of your money back. Trial versions are not eligible for a refund. Please refer to our Terms of Service for details. Please complete our Contact Us form.

Can I convert from the FEx Notes to EMate?

Yes. FEx Notes subscribers can request to convert to EMate (once per individual only) by completing our online request form. The expiry date of EMate will be the same as the FEx Notes expiry date and you can only transfer once.

Is EMate updated regularly?

Yes. The content is updated several times a year and subscribers can download updates from the Play Store and App Store for free.

Can I request changes?

Absolutely. EMate has a link that takes you to a form where you request updates or let us know if you think there is an error. Please complete our Contact Us form for changes.

Are renewals discounted?

Yes. Every subscriber receives a 25% discount coupon code one month before the active subscription expires. This can be used for any type of subscription.

Does EMate work on a PC or tablet or iPad?

No. EMate is a mobile phone app only. If there appears to be significant interest to make EMate available over and beyond mobile device , we will look into extending the range of supported devices.

Do I get a tax invoice on purchase?

Yes. Every purchaser receives a tax invoice via email immediately after purchase. 

Is lifetime forever?

No (of course not), lifetime is until 01-01-2038 00:00:00 which in all reality is a substantial amount of years. By that time, who knows what our beautiful world will look like.

Can I have my account deleted?

Yes. If you want us to delete your account details, you ca let us know via our Contact Us form. We will retain any order details for tax purposes as required by Australian law. All your other details will be permanently deleted o request.