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iOS Support

Where can I download EMate for iOS?

Your EMate install file will be made available on the Apple App Store (Apple iOS).

Some functionalities are not displayed, why not?

Depending on your iPhone’s “Larger Accessibility Sizes” setting, some parts of the App may not be visible. EMate does support Dynamic Type which will display all the actual content, but some functions such as  Search may drop off the screen if the “Larger text” is set to be too large.

What screen sizes are supported?

EMate supports the following screen sizes: 6.7″ and 6.5″ and 5.5″.

Is EMate Apple Silicon Macs compatible?

Yes, EMate is compatible with Apple Silicon Macs


Does EMate work on an iPad?

No, EMate is not designed to work on an iPad. If you have a specific need for using EMate on an iPad, please let us know by completing our Contact Us form here.

EMate iOS Previews